I’d like to preface this post by saying I am by no means an expert in this department – but since we’re taking Cameron out this year for his first trick or treating, I’ve been doing some research so I wanted to share what I’ve found.  Here are few tips and ideas for your trick or treating outing with your little one:

Our pumpkins this year. Cameron's is the cat!

Choose a costume that is comfortable and don’t cover your child’s eyes. If your child is working on potty training, think about how easy it will be to remove for a bathroom break. If your child’s costume has a hat, try putting it on them a few times before the big day so they can warm up to it. Also, put it on your head to show them how cool it is.

Try and go visiting before your toddler’s bedtime. No one says you have to wait until dark to visit your neighbors in your Halloween costume. This will help avoid crankyness! I think we will head out after dinner, but before bath time.

If you are going to go around the neighborhood, bring a stroller or wagon. That way if they get tired of walking you have a back up plan that doesn’t involve you carrying them.

Take a flashlight with you if you are going out after dark. Also, Give your toddler something that is lit to hold. A flashlight, glow bracelet or necklace work great. You want others to see them coming

Make sure your toddler is wearing comfortable shoes – even if they don’t go with the costume!

If your child is potty trained, suggest they go to the bathroom before you go. If not, put on a fresh diaper.

Consider using a backpack as a goody bag. It’s easier to carry if things get heavy, and it keeps those little hands free to carry a flashlight.

Be sure to bring a bottle of water or your toddler’s sippy cup so that they can have a drink.

Take pictures before you go out trick or treating while everyone is well-rested, well fed, and happy.

I hope everyone has fun! Please feel free to post pictures of your little one in costume on our Facebook Fan Page!!