In Fort Greene – A Winter Fruit CSA from Red Jacket Orchards

It’s harder to get local fresh produce in the winter season, but for Fort Greene / Clinton Hill residents there’s a new CSA you can take advantage of.  I got an email in my Mommy FTW inbox from someone at Red Jacket Orchards with all the info:

Red Jacket Orchards is proud to announce a CSA for the winter season.  The winter fruit CSA will provide members with weekly shares of farm-fresh fruit from November til December.  Throughout the CSA winter season, Red Jacket Orchards harvests pears and over 25 varieties of apples.  Winter shares will also highlight our freshly pressed juices and our pantry items, such as Apple Butter, Apple Sauce, and various different flavors of jam.

A sample share from Red Jacket Orchard's winter CSA

The Red Jacket Orchards CSA will have pick up at The Urban Assembly Academy of Arts & Letters (225 Adelphi Street, Brooklyn), in Fort Greene.  Full and half shares are available. Full shares are priced at $17 per week and half shares are $10 per week.  To see a sample share list and for more information on how to sign up visit the Red Jacket Orchards blog or email them at
Pick up is on Wednesdays, November 3 to December 22 from 4:00pm – 7:00pm.
Applications are due October 23, 2010

Rainy Day Blues? Check Out These Indoor Baby Friendly Places in the Neighborhood

These last few days have been very fall-like!  I’m sure summer isn’t over yet – but more rainy and gloomy days are on the horizon, so I decided to do a re post / update on an old topic I visited last winter – Indoor Baby Friendly Places in the Fort Greene / Clinton Hill area:

The Booklyn Flea – On Sundays you can find the Brooklyn Flea indoors at One Hanson Place (the big clock tower) from 10am to 5pm.  The Flea is on the main floor and lower level.  According to one mom, the lower level has food options, and the upper level is where the sales go on.  She said the lower level is a great place to take kids and let them roam around, and that there is space for strollers.  So if you are looking for a weekend activity – check out the indoor Flea!

Story time at Greenlight BookstoreGreenlight Bookstore is located at 686 Fulton Street and has a free story time on Saturday mornings at 10:30 AM.  Check it out for more weekend fun.  And for any day of the week – Greenlight has a great childrens book section – you can browse while your child plays in the cardboard house, draws on the chalkboard, and snuggles with the giant stuffed bear.

Story time at Brownstone Books – Brownstone Books is located at 409 Lewis Ave in Bed Stuy.  Story time happens every Wednesday and Saturday from 12-1pm.  Unfortunately this is smack in the middle of Cameron’s nap time, so I have yet to check it out.  The suggested donation is $5.  For more information, check out the Brownstone Books website.

The Clinton Hill Library – Not only does Clinton Hill Library (380 Washington Ave) have a great and free Reading for Babies program on Tuesdays at 11:00 as well as Toddler Time on Fridays at 11, it’s a great place to take your kid to let them roam around even when no scheduled activities are going on.  We spent many a cold winter day here!

Chuck E Cheese – Now this one, I never would have thought of!  One day a few of us moms and babes were hanging out at Der Schwarze Kölner and one of the moms said that she had just been at Chuck E Cheese with her little one.  She said that it was her nanny who had originally suggested it, and although she was skeptical – it turned out to be a great place for him to roam around, and it was free (since they aren’t playing any games).  Chuck E. Cheese is located in the Atlantic Terminal Mall.

Der Schwarze Kölner aka the Beer Garden – As I mentioned above I’ve been going to the Beer Garden (710 Fulton Street) with Cameron and some other moms + babies.  It is a great rainy day (or super hot day, or snowy day) option – and they are so welcoming and nice!  Read more about Der Schwarze Kölner at this other post I wrote.

Finally, there’s the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.  It’s not really in Fort Greene / Clinton Hill – but it’s just a short drive away.  I did a complete write up on the Children’s Museum here, so check it out to get all the news you can use!

If you have other ideas to share, please leave a comment!

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Move About Myrtle in September

Every Sunday from 12 -6pm in September Myrtle Ave between Hall and Clermont in Fort Greene / Clinton Hill will be closed to traffic – and open to fun!  It’s called Move About Myrtle – and of course, it’s free.  Here’s a little preview of the events that are scheduled:

September 5th: Back-to-School celebration with activities for the whole family!
September 12th: Brooklyn Food Coalition’s GRUB FEST featuring the biggest potluck ever, a Mac and Cheese contest, and fun for foodies of all ages!
September 19th: “The Case of the Curious Pedestrian” will offer playful public art installations, performances and surprises on all five blocks…and the FDNY Smoke House!
September 26th: It’s Bicycle Day, and our 2nd annual tree giveaway!

And every Sunday: kids activities and games, sidewalk cafes, free yoga and dance classes by Move With Grace studio, music and performances, merchant specials, free tastings, and raffle prizes!

I will add more info as it becomes available – so stay tuned!  And see you on Myrtle Ave in September!

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Two More Places in the ‘Hood to Get Fresh Fruits and Veggies

My go to shopping spot for fresh food in Fort Greene is definitely the Farmer’s Market at Fort Greene Park on Saturday mornings.  But – sometimes my rations run out before Saturday rolls around again.  Now there’s two more options for farm fresh produce on other days of the week:

Fresh fruits and veggies in our neighborhood at the Myrtle Ave Farm Stand

On Thursdays from 4-7pm you can find the Myrtle Avenue Farm Stand located 177 Myrtle btwn Prince and Navy in front of the Ingersoll Community Garden.  You can find beets, carrots, lettuce, collards, potatoes, white onions, basil, broccoli, eggplant, peppers, parsley, corn, peaches and red plums at great prices – nothing costs over $2.50 per bunch or pound!  The Farm Stand is open through October 28th, 2010.

Youthmarket on Lafayette

My Little O recently reported that on Fridays the Lafayette Youthmarket is stationed at the corner of Lafayette and Washington Avenues in Clinton Hill, every Friday from 1pm to 7pm, until October 29, 2010.  The market offers fresh, locally grown produce at reasonable prices. It is a part of GrowNYC, which is a network of youth-run urban farm stands in New York City.

So check out the Farm Stand and the Youthmarket and get some healthy, tasty, and fresh food for your family!

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What’s Cameron Eating? – Maggie Brown’s Broccoli Rabe

I always struggle to get Cameron to eat his vegetables, so when I stumbled upon the fact that he loves the broccoli rabe that Maggie Brown (455 Myrtle Ave  718-643-7001) makes I was super happy.  My guilty pleasure to order from this comfort food restaurant is the fried chicken.  It comes with sides of mashed potatoes, the broccoli rabe of course, and a biscut.  Cameron enjoys snacking on all of this, and the chicken too.

Yum yum gimmie some!

Now unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get Cameron to eat the broccoli rabe that I make – but I’m happy to take any victory (especially in the vegetable department) no matter how small.  So, Fort Greene and Clinton Hill mommies, next time you order out, try Maggie Brown.  Maybe you will have a surprise veggie victory as well.

Children’s DVDs at Clinton Hill Library

Did you know Clinton Hill Library has DVDs for Kids?  Probably!  But I didn’t!  I know it’s not exactly shocking, but I had never even thought to explore beyond the little Children’s section.

There's lots of great Kids DVDs to choose from

There's lots of great Kids DVDs to choose from

I was in the Library last Friday and we had just gotten Cameron his Library Card (all it takes is a picture ID from Mom, and it takes about 5 minutes).  I saw another mom checking out an Elmo’s World DVD and I asked her where she got it.  She showed me where the DVD section was – it’s in the back right corner if you are facing the kids section from the entrance.

Cameron loves anything to do with firetrucks

Cameron loves anything to do with firetrucks

Elmo Plus Dogs?  Fantastic!

Elmo Plus Dogs? Fantastic!

They’ve got lots of great options!  I am sure we will be back for more.  And it’s just one more reason to support Clinton Hill Library in their Support Our Shelves campaign.  Check out this previous post to find out more about how you can donate to the Library.

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A Gem of a Playground – Greene Playground (At PS 11)

Yesterday Cameron and I headed towards Clinton Hill Library for Story Time, but we were a little early, so I decided to pay a visit to Greene Playground (located next to PS 11 on Greene between Waverly and Washington Ave in Clinton Hill). I went to this playground for the first time a few weeks ago with some other moms for a playgroup. I fell in love! Although it is just one block away from Underwood Playground, it is often MUCH less crowded. In fact, yesterday, Cameron and I had the whole place to ourselves.

Greene Playground has two sets of equipment – one is great for toddlers because it has a big ramp instead of lots of stairs. It’s also got some bells, and a twisty slide which ends pretty close to the ground – no big drop off at the end. There are 6 baby swings as well. The other set of equipment has some rings to swing on, a few bridges, a bigger twisty slide, and a few steps – although none of them were too big for Cameron to handle. There is also a set of “big kid” swings. The base of the playground is that soft rubbery stuff, which is nice for babies learning to walk that happen to fall a lot (namely Cameron!) There is also a small sprinkler (not on yet – but soon!)

So, if you are at Underwood and it gets a little too crowded and crazy, consider walking down the block to Greene Playground. It’s a breath of fresh air, and a gem of a playground!

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Inside Mr. CoCo – the New Organic Grocery on Myrtle

I was walking down Myrtle to the Post Office this morning and I decided to duck into Mr. CoCo to see what it looked like. Overall it seems pretty nice – it’s basically like a smaller version of Elly’s on DeKalb. They’ve got a small selection of produce which looks decent (for a bodega) lots of organic grocery items, and some frozen foods that Cameron likes to eat, including Dr. Praeger’s stuff.  I’m a little disappointed that they seem to be shrink wrapping some of their produce (see some of the peppers in the picture) – but overall, its not too shabby, and that’s more of a pet peeve of mine.  I asked the woman at the register if they were really open 24 hours, and she said yes.  So if anyone needs some organic milk at 2 am – you know where to check!

The Produce

The Frozens

A Little Bit of Neighborhood News – More Organic Foods Plus Post Office Info

I know that I never felt as much a part of the Fort Greene / Clinton Hill neighborhoods as since I’ve had Cameron – mostly because I spend so much time walking the streets, playing in the playgrounds and parks, and meeting my neighbors.  Anyways, that’s why I do posts about neighborhood news – because I know most of my readers live in this part of Brooklyn, and I think they want to know whats going on in their ‘hood….

I was walking today down Myrtle to go visit the Pratt Post Office and I saw two new businesses opening – both are going to be Grocery options with Organic Items – one smaller than the other.

Two New Grocery Stores for Myrtle Ave

Two New Grocery Stores for Myrtle Ave. Bring it on!

You can learn more about them on the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership website.  The store opening in the Walgreens Building (375 Myrtle Avenue between Clermont and Adelphi) is going to be opened by people who run a few Organic and produce markets on Fulton.  The smaller grocery, Mr. Coco says on the awning that it will be open 24 hours – that could be interesting.  It is located at 414 Myrtle Ave.   I wish them both luck!  And I hope the quality of the food is good – we could sure use that!

Now, on to the Post Office.  As you may know the Pratt Post Office is closed for repairs.  I finally got a note in my mail about it!  I went today to the Mobile Unit to pick up my P.O. Box Mail.  There are two Mobile Unit trucks parked at the Post Office during the hours of 9-4 M-F and 8-1 on Saturday.

Skip the Mobile Unit on Myrtle and head around the corner for some real service!

Skip the Mobile Unit on Myrtle and head around the corner for some real service!

The truck out front only sells stamps – so don’t bother waiting in line there for anything else.  There is another truck parked in a small alley on the side of the post office which handles giving out the packages and the P.O. Box Mail.  Be sure to bring your ID if you need any of those items!

Neighborhood News Updates – Story Time and Pratt Post Office

Hi all – I had two bits of Fort Greene / Clinton Hill news I wanted to share.

First – I was at Story Time yesterday at the Clinton Hill Library and it seems that the usual woman has moved libraries and is gone for good.  They have  a stand in named Steve (I think) and he didn’t give the impression that he was going to be the permanent person in charge.  He seemed a little awkward, but everything worked out fine.  I saw another mom who was at the later session and she said Steve told her class that they might not have the funding to keep Story Time going for more than 6 weeks.  I hope this isn’t true!  It’s such an amazing resource in the neighborhood.  Yesterday there was quite a crowd!

Lots of strollers yesterday at Clinton Hill Library

Lots of strollers yesterday at Clinton Hill Library

Secondly, I also went to the Pratt Post Office on Myrtle to get the mail from my P.O. Box.  I wasn’t sure what to expect since they quietly and quickly announced their closing.  There was a truck outside that was selling stamps (no money orders, according to the postal worker).

Get your stamps here....

Get your stamps here....

They were also letting people in to use the APC machine and drop items in the big box in the foyer.  I was also allowed to walk into the actual post office and pick up my mail.  The postal worker said they decided to keep it like this until actual construction begins.  Sounds reasonable to me!  After that, she said, who knows.   Yikes….  She recommended that people with P.O. Boxes check their mail daily for now.