Getting Your Toddler Into the Sprinkler

It’s hot and the sprinklers are on at the local parks – But I some toddlers (including Cameron) are a bit water shy. If your little one is a little nervous about getting wet – here’s a few things you can try.

Cameron stages a ball rescue at Camel Park

I will often take one of Cameron’s favorite toys (his blue car, a ball, or doll stroller usually work well) and throw it in the sprinkler. Most of the time he will go and get it. Once he’s been in the sprinkler once, he seems to get over his fear (at least for the day). Warning – if your child is stubborn you might end up having to retrieve the toy yourself… or you can try and convince another kid to get it for you.

Another method I use is to hold Cameron and we run through the edge of the sprinkler together. Be sure to take your cell phone out of your pocket before you do this! Again, once Cam has gotten wet he seems to get over his fear.

This last method I saw a dad use with great success. He dared his 2.5 year old to run into the Camel Park sprinkler and tag the center of it. Who can resist a dare? After his first trip in, the little boy was soaking wet in 2 minutes.

Posted from New York, New York, United States.

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