Affordable (and Really Nice) Play Kitchen From IKEA

Cameron is really interested trucks, cars, fire engines, and that sort of thing – but I know a lot of  baby friends his age are into pretend kitchens.  I’ve seen at a few mom’s houses the IKEA kitchen (DUKTIG series) – it’s nicely made, really cute, and very affordable!

So Cute - So Affordable!

So Cute - And the price is so right!

The bottom part (stove, cabinets, and sink) is only $99 and the top attachment (microwave) is $39.  Now, the only problem is finding a place in your apartment for it!

Cameron gets his own set of keys

Cameron wants anything I have – remote controls, iPhone, my keys, so today I decided to get him his own set of keys to play with.  I went to Clinton Hill Hardware on Myrtle and picked up a few uncut keys – some car keys (because they are on the larger side) and then some house keys of different shapes, a few rings, and a little charm with a “C” on it.  The whole thing cost just a few dollars, and Cameron loves it!  Now he can play with them, and I won’t be worried about my keys getting lost… for now, at least!