Vace Delicatessen in Cleveland Park – Family Friendly and Delicious!

One of our favorite places to grab lunch during the week is at Vace Delicatessen (3315 Connecticut Ave NW) in Cleveland Park.  This little gem has been around since I was a kid, and the pizza still tastes just as yummy as it did when I was young.

The spinach pie is one of Violet's favorites

Cameron does some shopping while we wait for our pizza

Cameron’s favorite is the peperoni pizza (available by the slice – they heat it up for you if you like). I love the white-onion pizza, and Violet chows on the beef empanadas and the spinach pie. I usually buy extra food for her and use it for lunches and dinners through the week. She just loves it! And it makes meals easier for me.

Yum yum... Lunch!

Vace also has delicious fresh pasta, various yummy imported Italian items (like prosciutto and olives) and great frozen meals like lasagne – I always keep one in my freezer in case of emergency. Not only is the delicious, but it is also very affordable. So if you are in Cleveland Park – check out Vace for a quick lunch. It’s right across from the Cleveland Park Library, and just down the street from the National Zoo.

Sprayparks Are Open For Business Starting Saturday!

///UPDATE Check this post for summer hours for the DC spray parks and info on Turtle Park and Livingston Playground///

//UPDATE – I’m getting a lot of google traffic to this post so I wanted to add some more information.

First, per the official DPR press release, until June 18th, outdoor pools and spray parks are only open on the weekends (including Fridays).  The hours of operation are 12pm – 6pm. After June 18th, spray parks and pools will be open on a “summer schedule.”  I am still waiting to hear back from DPR as to what that exactly means.  And FYI, it seems like parks are basically doing whatever – I heard that Livingston was on Thursday, 5/31 even though according to the official DPR policy it wasn’t supposed to be.

Second, this weekend Turtle Park spary park (Friendship Rec) was not on.  I heard a rumor that some of the tiles needed to be replaced and they were waiting for DPW to do this.  A friend of mine was at Turtle Park Thursday 5/31 and said it was not on.

Third, this weekend Livingston playground spray park (Chevy Chase Rec) was on, but at a low level.  I talked to DPR on twitter (@DCDPR) and they said the problem had been fixed.  I have not been back to check personally.

I will continue to update with more info as I get it.//

We’ve had some hot days so far this spring here in DC, and the kids and I have been anxiously awaiting the opening of the spraygrounds for the summer season.  Well, the wait is almost over!

Cooling off at Turtle Park

As of Saturday, May 26th at 12 noon the spray parks (and outdoor pools) in DC will be open!  For me, that means I’ll be spending a lot more time at Turtle Park and Chevy Chase (aka Livingston) playgrounds.  Hope to see you there!

Click the image to see the list of pools and spray parks by DC Ward

FYI, to keep up with all the Department of Parks and Recreation news, “Like” DC DPR on Facebook, or follow them on twitter!

Whole Foods Market Friendship Heights Delivers!

We live near the Whole Foods Friendship Heights in Chevy Chase and shop there all the time, and often eat lunch as well (FYI, it’s a great place to eat with the whole family because everyone can pick something that they want).  I just found out that this particular Whole Foods is about to roll out a delivery service, and for those who give it a try during the soft launch (5/29-6/12,) you can get a 10$ gift card, and a free delivery!

Free delivery and 10$ of free food? Yes please.

Here’s the details about the Friendship Heights delivery service: Customers will come to the store and shop as usual, at check out they can opt for delivery. Whole Foods will hold on to the groceries and deliver within a 4hour window from the point of purchase. The idea is that customers who take great pride in picking out their own groceries will still get that experience but won’t have to hustle home to drop off their items when they may have other plans.  So now you can still get your shopping done and then run straight off to the kids soccer practice, karate, art class, or all of the above.

Violet at Whole Foods last Sunday getting some shopping done

Whole Foods is using a completely green electric truck, and they hope to extend the delivery area and that eventually the Tenley and Bethesda store will implement the service to serve their neighborhoods.

The delivery fee is a flat $5 and any deliveries of groceries totaling $200 or more will be free.  Check out the map to see if you are in the delivery area, and stop in and talk to the friendly folks at Customer Service to learn more about getting your 10$ gift card.

FYI, you can ‘Like’ Whole Foods Market Friendship Heights on Facebook and find out more about weekly specials (Lobster tails are on sale this Friday!!) and classes.