When Cameron notices that it’s raining he immediately wants to go outside and run around.  While I’m happy he enjoys the wet weather, I don’t really like him getting soaked  So, I went looking for a rain coat and umbrella for him.

I was able to find him a little windbreaker / rain coat (I’m not sure it’s water proof… but it certainly is water resistant) at Target for only $9.99.  It’s the perfect weight for spring / fall weather.  While I don’t see the exact style I got him on the Target website, they do have several other affordable options.

I also got him a cute little Totes Bubble Umbrella from Amazon in blue.  The reviews of this umbrella were a bit all over the map – but I didn’t really see any others that seemed like better options.  And, at under $15 (the pink one seems to be $10… no idea why) it seemed like the price was right, even if the quality wasn’t stellar.

Cameron works on his umbrella holding technique

Well, Cameron really loves both his umbrella and his coat – although he is still working on holding the umbrella above his head at this point.  I’m sure soon enough he will be ready to do some serious puddle stomping!

FYI, as a birthday present Cameron also got some Western Chief rain boots that I had registered for.  The reviews of these boots on Amazon were great, but after our most recent puddle stomping adventure they were full of water – like I literally dumped out an inch of water out of each of them.  I am not sure if they leaked, or if water came in from over the top.  But, I can’t say I recommend them because of this. :(   Maybe we just got a dud pair?

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