It was last fall when Cookies, the kids department store in the Fulton Mall, first appeared on my radar.  I was at Camel Park and I noticed one of Cameron’s friends had a super cute new coat and pair of jeans.  I made a comment to the mom about the outfit, and she told me she got it at Cookies – and it was really affordable!  She went on to tell me that Cookies had an amazing selection not only had a HUGE selection of clothes for kids of all ages, but also lots and lots of toys.

It really is a Department Store for Kids!

Then, this spring when a local dad was looking for a Fisher Price walker for his daughter, but didn’t want for it to wait to come from Amazon, I suggested he check out Cookies or Target.  Well, Target didn’t have it – but Cookies did.  He also commented on the great selection of everything for Children that they carried.

Recently I was over in the Fulton Mall and I was able to check it out for myself.  I have to admit, since I wasn’t there to shop my visit was short lived as Cameron was really excited and wanted to buy every toy – but if you are looking for something for your little one, weather it’s new fall clothes, back to school supplies, or maybe a last minute birthday present for a friend, think Cookies!  Cookies is located at 510 Fulton Street, just off of Flatbush, in the Fulton Mall.  You can also check out the Cookies Website to get a better sense of what they sell.

Posted from New York, New York, United States.