Home and U on Myrtle – Some Good Finds!

Today I stopped in at the Home and U store on at 394 Myrtle Avenue between Clermont and Vanderbuilt.  I found some really great items there for Cameron (at LOW prices) so I wanted to share so it was on your radar!

In the back by the cash registers I stumbled upon the most amazing Truck book (it’s called My First Truck Book).  Apparently the version I got isn’t made anymore (which I am guessing is why it ended up at Home and U).  But honestly, I don’t care if it’s a few years out of date – since the book itself was still brand new!  Anyways, I paid $2.99 – on Amazon a newer version is over $7, and is smaller in size.  Not too shabby!

And, picked up a small Elmo doll which Cameron immediately fell in love with.  At $1.99 it was worth every penny.

They also have lots of spray bottles to choose from – which are great fun at the sprinklers and playgrounds.  And plenty of other odds and ends toys for summer fun.

And, don’t forget I got Cameron’s little watering can there, which he uses to help me water the plants in the garden.

I will certainly be back to dig for more items.  The store can seem a little cramped and disorganized, but if you take a look you can find some low cost treasures.

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Cameron’s Favorite Books

Cameron’s favorite books are always changing as he grows – but I wanted to let you all in on his current favorites (FYI – he is 20 months old).

Cameron is obsessed with Cars (which for some reason he calls “choo choo”) and Trucks (“tuck”)  He also loves Cats (“tat”) since we have two of them.  So, his favorite books revolve around these items:

My Car – Byron Barton – This is a book about a man named Sam who loves his car and drives a bus.  There are lots of pictures of all kids of vehicles.  Sam also wears a hat and shoes which Cameron likes to point out and say on every page.  It is required that this book is read at least once before bed time.  This book has thick pages, but is a step below a board book in terms of durability.

Find the Kitten – Find it Board Books – Each page of this book has a picture of a kitten and Cameron loves to point it out on every page.  There’s also other things to point out to help build vocabulary.  As you might have guessed, this book is a board book.

Trucks Roll! – Richard Jackson Books – I’ve been reading this book to Cameron since he was born, but he loves it more and more every day.  It’s got so many pictures of semi trucks in it, Cameron is in heaven.  He always pulls it off the shelf for me to read every morning.  This book is more of a “big kid book” as the pages are not cardboard or thick.

Goodnight Moon – Margaret Wise Brown – If you didn’t get at least one copy of this book as a gift, I would be shocked!  Did you ever notice how many kittens are pictured in it?  Well Cameron did, and he points them out on every page.  A classic goodnight story.  We have the large “Lap Edition” and a smaller travel size both of which are board books.

Toes, Ears, Nose – Karen Katz – This is one of many “Lift the Flap Books” by Karen Katz, all of which Cameron enjoys (we find them at Clinton Hill Library) but I really like this one because it helps Cameron learn his body parts.  Unfortunately, some of the flaps have been removed due to all the tough love that Cameron has shown this book.

Also, check out my post about Bath Books Cameron Loves – I wrote in in September 2009 (almost a year ago!) but Cameron still loves all these books, and they are still a big part of bath time.

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Seamless Web – Order Your Dinner Online.. Or Via iPhone App!

I did a post about Seamless Web in the past – have you tried it yet?!

Seamless Web is an online service which allows you to place food delivery orders via the internet.  I love it because it’s fast and easy – and it allows me to use my credit card to pay (lots of the places around here in Fort Greene only take cash, and sometime I just don’t have it on hand!)  Another useful feature is that Seamless Web keeps track of your orders and allows you to name your favorites, so next time you come back and you want to get the same thing it’s a one click process.  You can also request that a restaurant not include plastic utensils, napkins etc – usually we are eating at home and we don’t need these things.

Use the Seamless Web iPhone app in these areas!

I’m posting about Seamless Web again for two reasons – one in case you didn’t see my first post and haven’t tried it yet, and second (and more exciting!) Seamless Web just launched their iPhone App!  You can get it via the iTunes store.  And for you Blackberry folks out there, there is a version for you as well.  So now you can order your dinner while you are out and about, so by the time you get home with your little one it’s on the way.

Seamless Web serves 26 cities across the US – so check out their website and see what they have in your area.  It’s fast, it’s easy, and you can do it while your toddler is making noise in the background – believe me, it’s a lot easier than a phone call!

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Pesky Diarreah, and the Lactaid Solution

Earlier this week I let you know that Mommy For the Win is a year old.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to highlight some posts from the past and hopefully add some new information as well.  This first post revisit is a perfect example!

Cameron has been suffering from diarrhea for a few weeks now – nothing else seemed wrong with him (aside from the diaper rash that was being caused by all the poops!)  I couldn’t figure out what to do, and it took a call to the pediatrician to remind me of some advice she had given me in the past, and a post I had written – Pesky Diarreah and the Soy Solution.

Then, and now, Cameron had become briefly lactose intolerant.  The first time this happened, Cameron was just about a year old.  I took him off of regular formula and moved him to Soy Formula for a few weeks – magically, the diarrhea was gone!  This time, the pediatrician recommended trying Soy Milk with Cameron instead of his usual Whole Milk.  Well, he didn’t like that so much – I couldn’t get him to drink a drop of it!  Thankfully I was able to find some Lactaid brand Whole Milk.  Lactaid is milk without Lactose…. perfect!

Lactaid Whole Milk - Easy on Cameron's Tummy

Wondering where you can pick up this life saving milk?  Check your local grocer in the dairy section.  Fort Greene and Clinton Hill Locals – I found mine at Fresh Garden on Fulton.  It’s also available at Fairway (for a dollar less!)  And, although Fresh Direct doesn’t carry it – Peapod does.  And, thanks to A Child Grows in Brooklyn, I just found out that Peapod is now delivering to several zip codes in Brooklyn – 11201    11205   11215   11217   and 11231.

So, if your little one just can’t seem to shake their loose poops, and nothing else seems wrong with them – consult your pediatrician, and think about limiting their lactose intake (although yogurt is ok) for a few weeks and see if that helps.  It might just be your savior.  I saw Cameron’s first “normal” poop today for the first time in a long time.  I’ve never been so happy to see a poo!

For more information about babies and lactose intolerance, check out my other post, Pesky Diarrhea and the Soy Solution.

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Mommy For the Win is One Year Old!

Horay!  Mommy For the Win is one year old!

When I started Mommy For the Win, Cameron was just over 7 months old.  We were entering the world of solid foods, it was our first summer in the city, and I was just beginning to meet other moms and dads in the neighborhood.  Times were tough – but I felt like my baby was turning into a real person – showing personality, smiles, giggles, and winning over my heart.  I was starting to get some real sleep again, and I felt like my new life as a full time mom was really coming together.  I began the blog to share these experiences with you – to let you know that you aren’t alone, and none of us are  perfect, and that we can all be great parents in our own way.  I hope I’ve succeed in doing some of that – so far!

If you've seen us in the neighborhood, say hi!

I’ve got a lot more readers checking out my posts since I started last July – and because of that I’ve decided to start highlight some of the posts I’ve made over the year that you might not have seen, as well as try to add a little new information.  The first post revisit is coming up later this week – I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you learn something new!  Thanks for reading!!

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Have You Tried Reusing Your Swim Diapers?

I know, I know – the idea of reusing a swim diaper might sound a little gross, but – it seems to work well!  Last summer a friend of mine came up with the idea, and gave it a try.  She left her daugter’s swim diaper out overnight to let it dry.  The next day there was no odor, and it seemed perfectly fine to use again.  After all, usually kids are only wearing these diapers for a few minutes, and most of the time there’s no #2 involved (I’ve yet to have Cameron unleash a poo in the pool *knock on wood*)

Save some cash, and make less trash!

So if you want to save a little cash, or you are low on swim diapers, and haven’t had a chance to order more yet, try drying them out and using them again the next day!

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Coupon Code for the New Site Soap.com !

Soap.com (sister site to Diapers.com) has finally launched! Use the coupon code SOAPISHERE to get 20% off (up to $20) expires 7/22/10.

I think all us moms realize that Diapers.com is a lifesaver when it comes to getting your baby supplies FAST!  Well, now when you shop you can shop both Diapers.com and Soap.com at the same time with 1 shopping cart and 1 checkout.  With EVERY order over $49 shipping is FREE.

Here are a few other highlights:
Overnight delivery to 70% of the country, 2-day shipping to everyone else – just like with Diapers.com
HUGE selection – 25,000 health and beauty products today, 40,000 by the end of the year, 100,000 by end of 2011
Savings of up to 25% off drugstore prices on your favorite products, and a best online price guarantee

So check out Soap.com today! And enjoy the 20% off!!

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Getting the Most Out of Your Triple Paste

I’ve mentioned before that Triple Paste is my go to diaper rash cream when Cameron is having a little “situation” down there.”  But, as many of you know, that quality doesn’t come cheap!  Recently I decided to use a creative approach to get the last little bits out that my fingers couldn’t quite scoop…. A rubber spatula from the kitchen worked miracles!  I was able to get every last ounce out of the jar with no problem.

Triple Paste is expensive - so don't waste any!

By the way, check out my article about making Triple Paste easier to deal with (a little heat goes a long way), and if you need some coupons for Triple Paste, then call them at 1 800-533-7546 and request some coupons to be mailed to you!

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The Perfect Chair for Your Little One

Last year we were visiting Cameron’s Great Grand Parents in Chicago and he fell in love with this little rocking chair they had which belonged to another Great Grand Child.

This chair is just right...

When we got home, I looked it up on Amazon and bought it for his first Birthday.  7 months later, he is still loving it (and so do all his friends that come over!)  If you are looking for a simple and affordable chair for your little one that is just the right size, then check it out!

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All You Need to Know About Clermont Pool at PS 20

Lately I’ve been getting lots of google searches for information about the Clermont Pool at PS 20 / Parham Playground in Fort Greene, so I decided to do a compilation post with all the news you can use!

Clermont pool hours of operation – the pool has two main sessions, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, and 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm.  If there is a line forming (only 30 people are allowed in at a time) the lifeguards will enforce 30 minute sessions, which means after 30 minutes they will clear the pool and let the line in.

Your little one needs to be wearing a swim diaper.  It’s fine to wear a hat, and I haven’t seen them care about what color shirt you, or your little one is wearing.  The only rules I see them really enforcing are “no jumping” and no lounging on the deck of the pool.

There is a shower that you are supposed to use before you enter the pool – and I would recommend after too!  By the way, they clean the pool every morning before it opens.

Cameron and I take a dip

The water is already plenty warm.  Believe me, I am a baby when it comes to cold water – and it’s just fine!

If you bring a stroller, park it on the side where the line forms near the bike rack.

You can bring a bag into the pool area.  I generally leave my phone at home and just bring a bag with sunscreen, a diaper change, a towel, and some water.  I come to the pool already wearing my bathing suit so I don’t have to leave the line to change.

Defend your place in line – there are only 30 spots and lots of the kids will try and cut in line.  Just be sure of yourself and your spot.

If there is a line, and you really want to get back into the pool immediately because you little one is having tons of fun, dash out as soon as you can after the lifeguard blows the whistle for the end of the 30 minute session.  You might get back in for the next session if you are speedy and lucky.

The pool is only 3 feet deep – kids must be 3 feet 8 inches to enter on your own (without a guardian).

Only one adult/caregiver is allowed per child – so 2 parents can’t go in with one child.  If you talk to the security guy at the gate he will let you swap out.

If your little one needs to use the bathroom the security guy will let them leave to use the facilities and then come back.  Don’t worry – you won’t loose your spot in the pool.

There is a small “gutter” area (for lack of a better word) around the edge of the pool that is an inch or two deep, and about 8 inches wide.  This area is great for getting your little one used to the water, for getting in and out of the pool, and for splashing in general.  Cameron loves to jump into my arms from this area, and to have some splash time.

And now – go and enjoy the pool!  If you want more information, check out my other posts about Clermont Pool.

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