I am excited to say that in May we’re going on vacation somewhere warm – and not in the US!  So, we needed to get Cameron his passport.  Since the Pratt Post Office is closed, I had to find somewhere else to submit his application.  I searched online at the usps website and found that the Adelphi Station was the place I should check out.  The website said that I needed an appointment – so I got on the phone and called.  And called.  And called.  No one ever answered.  I moved on to another post office – the Cadman Plaza Branch.

Again, the usps website said that I needed an appointment.  So I called – the phone was answered by an automate service saying if I was on a touch tone phone to press 1, and then I was routed through a few menus finally ending up at the passport application people.  The phone rang.  And rang.  And rang.  No answer.  I tried over and over again – with no success.  Finally, I called and when asked if I was on a touch tone phone I said that I wasn’t – and I got a real live person right away!  So, if you are trying to reach someone at Cadman Plaza – I suggest you take this route.  Although, when we got there it didn’t seem to matter that I had an appointment. Good thing I put all that effort into it!  I would just recommend that you show up a few minutes before the passport window opens so you can be first in line.  The whole thing took about 10 minutes.


Cam strikes a pose

Anyways, there’s a few necessary things for getting your baby a passport:

1) A passport photo – we got ours at the local Walgreens.  It was easy – they had him stand on a crate and snapped the pic with a digital camera.  1 hour later – voila!  Passport Photo.

2) Fill out the passport form – it’s called DS-11 (you can do this online, and print it out and bring it with you).  Be sure not to sign the form until you are in the presence of the passport agent.

3)Your baby’s official birth certificate with both parents name on it.

4)Your baby’s Social Security Card.

5)IDs for both parents – Drivers License or Passport will work.

6)Copies of the IDs that can be sent in with the passport application.

7)Both parents must show up when applying for the passport.

Check the official government page to read all about the documents required to get a passport for a minor, and to fill out the passport form online.