In Search of Summer Fun Supplies? – Think Target!

The fact that there is a Target in Brooklyn certainly isn’t news to anyone, but I often forget to check it out when it comes to Cameron. I went recently and was happy with all of the great stuff I found.

Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and more!

On the second floor in the toy area, there is practically an entire aisle of bubbles. The ones I ended up are a real hit at the playground – children follow me around like the pied piper, and parents ask me where I got them. You can also pick up sidewalk chalk (50 pieces for $3.99!)

I was also able to find some great sandals and summer shoes for around 10$ each. Cameron loves them so much he refuses to wear any other shoes – so I bought him a pair in the next size up as well. The toddler / baby shoes are on the first floor with the rest of the shoes. There is a “boy” and “girl” isle – I didn’t realize this at first, and I kept wondering why there were only girls shoes!  It was a blond moment!

Currently in the kids department there are also swimming trunks, sun hats, and protective sun shirts (rash guards).  I got Cameron his swimming gear for our upcoming vacation at a great price.

So if you are in need of summer supplies, drop into Target and pick up a few things.

Posted from New York, New York, United States.

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